• 47. Bai Cha (House Fried Rice)

    Fresh steamed rice stir fried with chicken, shrimp, Chinese
    sausage, peas, carrots, egg and green onion.

    Dish Includes

    Chicken Pork Shrimp


    • $11.95
  • 48. Bai Cha (Fried Rice)

    Your choice of meat stir fried with fresh steamed rice, eggs, peas, carrots, and green onion.

    Dish Options

    Chicken Beef


    • Chicken:
    • $9.95

    • Beef: $10.50
  • 49. Bai Cha Manoss (Pineapple Fried Rice)

    Your choice of meat stir-fried with steamed rice, fresh pineapple, egg, green onion and house-made sauce.

    Dish Options

    Tofu Chicken Beef Shrimp


    • Tofu: $9.95
    • Chicken: $9.95
    • Beef: $10.50
    • Shrimp: $12.00
    • Add Cashews: +$2.00

Prices are subject to change without notice